this could be the last time

Time flies.  Pamella was here (for the last time) two weeks ago. 

We hung out (checked the boat/dog/duck/bird/boat/swimmer/etc. action in the channel), watched BSG, looked at properties (the $5 million house was really nice -- it's only been on the market for three  . . . years -- as have lots of properties here)  and made our plans for when we're back in Atlanta.  She also documented the christening (waxing) of the balsa board.  Two days before she got here a messy northeaster blew through; it smoothed out the next day for a clean, sunny, waist-to-chest, 2-hour afternoon go-out. 

Mehmet came over the following Wednesday to ride the board he'd bought a month ago. 

We had good, easy to learn on waves for a couple of days, then a northerly washing-machine day, then board snapping go-out at Mase. In between we watched several surf vids, took the rasta board to Greg Eavey's to get the fin re-glassed, talked architecture -- especially what might be done with the property I'm in now, and visited a Wilmington fire station to check out their huge glass and metal garage doors.  We figured they would be cool end "walls" on the third story of the house we visualized on this property.   We ate at Casey's Buffet (barbeque, overcooked veggies, wings, white bread . . . everything that is bad for you but tastes good) for the first time; I had my last meal at Port Land Grille with him.

Cissie and Tyson came over for dinner Sunday.  I'd surfed with them most days this summer (Cissie only missed two days) and it was about time to get together over something besides surfing.  Tuna on the grill, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and, well, yeah, surf vids filled the evening.

I had my "last supper" at the Oceanic Tuesday; my last at Jerry's last night.  Also took (probably) my last late night kayak paddle; the tide was dead, there was no wind, a single flounder gigger out, strange bird cries from the marshes, drifting and dreaming and other-worldly and sad knowing I won't do this again for a while.


Low tide, barrel city, waist- to stand-up-tubes, super-crowded (125 people out by 8 a.m.), lots of close-outs = crucial.