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wb surf

my life in wrightsville beach, starting today

on the bike
A week ago, needing some exercise, I paddled across the channel you can see behind me in the pics in the last post.  The tide was low, a sandbar was exposed, so I walked around a bit.  A couple of guys (Jesse and Cam) in a flat-bottom boat were messing with nets and fishing poles and the like at the other end of the sandbar, so I went up to talk to them about fishing--what was in season, where to fish, were the shrimp running, etc.  They were super nice (turned out one of them was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago), and as we talked I found out one of them surfed, one kite boarded, and both were training for a triathlon--i.e. we had a lot in common.  They do a ride every Friday and asked me to join them on the next one.  So today, I did.  We met at Jesse's house, just down the street from me (I'm 702, he's 716) at 7 and got in a crisp 20 miles.  I was able to maintain their pace (after not being on the bike all winter, and only getting in a couple of rides this week, I had my doubts), and I'm planning on it again next Friday.  Jesse also offered to teach me how to kite surf, and, to take me flounder gigging some time.  Sweet!  Hope I can repay the favors . . .