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wb surf

my life in wrightsville beach, starting today

longboards, dinner and o.j.
After several distributor delays, Ian finally got the yellow heart -- the light colored wood that we'll use in the nose and tail blocks.  He has crafted the "sun" for the tailblock and glued the pieces for both the nose and tail.  Next up, fine tuning and gluing them to the board, then we begin work on the deck emblems.  We also discussed using pieces of the rosewood I brought from Atlanta in a Greene and Greene motif on the bottom of the board. 

Assembling the nose block; fin in background.

From nose to tail: nose block pieces, fin, pieces of balsa, knotty pine and yellow heart, long piece of rosewood.

After checking out the board Pamella and I went into downtown Wilmington for dinner.  We parked along a side street and came across this memorial to O.J. . . . Clontz, Jr., that is, which consists of a group of ratty plants near the sidewalk, in front of a section of fencing, in front of a vacant lot, in between two houses, with this big-ass oak tree growing in the middle of it, with a "Private Property, NO Trespassing" sign attached to the tree.  A cursory Google search revealed nothing about the fate or life of O.J.  We felt compelled to take pictures:

We had dinner at Deluxe, an upscale-y, funk-y place downtown.   The food was good, but the surfboard with the art-deck hanging on the back wall was cooler.  I asked the waiter about it and got the story:  the restaurant's walls will become Artco's gallery for the second time in two years in August.  Should be some awesome boards on display then.


Pamella and I went fishin' on Friday with Capt. Jot Owens (who, surprise, knew and told stories about some old school WB surfers I know from way back): near-shore and in-shore.  We caught nine Spanish mackerel at the mouth of Masonboro Inlet and a lot of nuthin' when we went in-shore for flounder.  We had two of the fishies for dinner, I made ceviche (which we had for lunch today) with two, and the others are in the freezer.  Miz Pamella, Jot and her catch-o'-the-day.  (Total weight of fileted fish: 3 - 4 pounds, which comes to about $100 per pound.  It's actually cheaper! at the fish market.)

Nice knee to waist high ground swell--held up nicely all day, but was beginning to deteriorate today.  We decided to go to the north end of the island to escape the crowds at the Oceanic, and everything was mellow for about 15 minutes.  That was when "surf school" decided to hold their session right next to us.  Pics are from the Oceanic.

found foto
From two weeks ago: