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wb surf

my life in wrightsville beach, starting today

i've seen
Women riding bikes.  Women in dresses.  Women in high heels.  But I've never seen a woman in high heels and a dress riding a bike, until yesterday afternoon, in Pacific Beach.  Oh yeah.

In da house.  Got in yesterday, fresh from her two-week trip to Beijing, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, etc.   She sees PB as a decadent, slovenly, faded, dumpy, middle-aged-woman-headed-into-menopause, end-of-the-American-dream kind of place; China, on the other hand, is like a smart, beautiful teen-ager getting ready to explode into an adulthood filled with promise and fueled by the dream that the world is yours to have and shape.  In other words, this is the China Century.  

Hell, every third person on a bike over there probably is a hot babe in high heels and wearing a summer dress.  Oh yeah.  Oh well.