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wb surf

my life in wrightsville beach, starting today

8 .23 .09, 6 pm
The swell is not completely gone, but the waves coming in now could be from any sort of wind chop / low pressure system.  The assertive onshore wind doesn't help.

Projected Path

the oceanic, sunday, 6 pm

my face, week 14
8 .19                                                                               8 .21
8 .22                                                                               8 .23

8 .24                                                                               8 .25

the week that was
The week started with Bill off the leeward islands and standard WB summer surf.  Projections / rumor said the swell would begin to hit Thursday (chest high), with Friday (head hgh)Ssaturday (overhead) and Sunday (double overhead?!) being the best days.  Thursday and Friday morning turned out to be less than expected, but by early afternoon Friday, it was ON.  The wind played around, sometimes still, sometimes S / SE onshore, but the size and power of the waves carried the day.  By Friday evening, it was clear Saturday morning would be massive, and it didn't disappoint: head high to 2-3 feet overhead, with frequent, huge 200 yard long close out sets nailing people paddling out.  I was out then: the biggest waves were breaking off the end of the Oceanic Pier.  Standing on the pier, you could feel it's foundations shaking.  The wind was offshore most of the morning, the sun was out, and, surfers, people on the beach, people on the pier--everyone--was hooting and ohh-ing and ahh-ing over a huge set, a bad wipeout, a great ride.  The size and power continued all day, but suffered a little when the wind went onshore later in the afternoon.  Sunday morning was not the Ultimate Day: there were still waves, but only in the head high variety, and with an strong onshore wind, they didn't look very inviting, especially if you had had your fill the day before.  I expected Monday morning to be back to "normal," but was pleasantly surprised with clean, powerful, chest- to head-high waves . . . and minimal crowds: no fighting for waves and not as much danger of getting run over / in someone's way.  Today, (Tuesday) was waist-high, with remnants of Monday's swell still evident, but fading.

8 .17 -- the Monday before Bill

8 .18 -- Tuesday.

8 .21 -- Friday afternoon.
8 .21 -- smooth early Friday afternoon / late Friday afternoon with sideshore wind

8 .22 -- Saturday morning, a huge (8-9 ft.) 200-yard close-out wave coming in, with another one right behind it.

8 .23 -- Sloppy Sunday.

8 .24 -- Sweet Monday morning: chest high, with occasional head-high sets.

8 .25 -- Tuesday morning: still a little something . . .