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wb surf

my life in wrightsville beach, starting today

finalizing the longboard
Had the final longboard design meeting yesterday.  The inlays are sized right, placed right and ready to be incorporated into the board.  After that's done (this week), the board will go off to the glasser and should be ready a couple of weeks later.  Oh yeah.  I'll actually get to ride it this season!

The bolt (sapele) is on the deck.  The seven "dots" at the bottom (symbolic of where your back foot is while riding the board) will be 7 rosewood "pegs," in a nod to Greene and Greene craftsman-era design.  The nose and tail blocks are a combination of curly pine, walnut, mahogony, yellow heart and sapele.  The fin is curly pine.  The board itself is balsa, with two redwood stringers

The leaf (sapele) is the only design element on  the bottom of the board (well, excluding the fin).