wb surf

my life in wrightsville beach, starting today

virginia is for lovers
There's nothing like that special feeling I get upon driving into the state whose motto, "sic semper tyrannis" ("thus always to tyrants') is now a relic of its revolutionary past:

And there's always this.

in maryland
Within half a mile of each other: likker store wars!

toms river, nj
WhiIe on the road, I really do eat at only the classiest joints (Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty):

"Gentlemen -- NO TANK TOPS"  -- a contradiction in terms, no?

mollusk, revisited

I went here during the weekend of the NY Surf Film Fest to get fitted for an Axxe wetsuit and forgot to take a pic.  A few days later, on the way out of town from LaGuardia, my check engine light went on in Brooklyn, at Metropolitan Ave.  I got off the freeway to find a gas station and didn't.  I kept driving down Met. Ave. to the river, where Mollusk is located, figuring I could take my pic and get advice on gas stations / freeway reentry.  Chris (who fitted me for the suit) was there and pointed me in the right direction.  Many thanks!

from the ny surf film fest


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