October 10th, 2009

mora dora

Da Cat - Miki Dora - Using his typically aggressive tactics as the crowds began to infiltrate his beloved 'Bu

"All artists are outlaws, but not all outlaws are artists.  if you're involved in your art, you're forced to be an outlaw because art dictates that you can't follow the rules.  Miki's life was his art and his art was his life, so therefore he had to continually be this outlaw in order to maintain that art form.  The art form was Miki Dora and the Miki Dora canvas of existence.  Miki constantly fine-tuned the business of being Miki Dora." -- Skip Engblom, p. 121

With that in mind . . .

"Miki would hang out at La Scala.  In those days, he dressed like Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief, with the black long-sleeved sweater, black pants, black socks, black loafers, and a great tan; that was his evening wear.  We could imagine him with Grace Kelly, driving around the Riviera."  -- Jimmy Ganzer, p.127

"One thing Miki loved to do was sit on the beach and if there were a few girls around, he would arrange his trunks so that his dong would be right there in the sand.  I guess anyone might do that if their dong made it to the sand.  It was such a casual thaing that most people thought it was natural.  But it was premeditated, believe me."  -- Ed Garner, p.136

C.R. Stecyk also placed Miki at numerous "counterculture rites including the Gas House in Venice to take in poetry and music, to hear jazz at Shelley's Manne Hole . . . to bet the ponies at Santa Anita with Charles Bukowski; to see Lightning Hopkins at Xanadu; to the Sunset Strip riots at Pandora's Box . . . to Topanga (photographer) Edmund Teske's . . .to the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco with Rick Griffin as a guest of Bill Graham . . . to greasy spoon breakfasts including one at Olivia's Place in Ocean Park with Admiral Morrison's son, Jim," and more.  -- p.137

"When the Beatles had a party at Alan Livingston's house in Beverly Hills, we both crashed.  We walked in wearing ascots, holding a drink.  We were dandies.  I stood around watching John Lennon and Groucho Marx talk.  Miki just wandered.  Later, he held Ringo's coat while he went to the bathroom, and he took Ringo's cigarette case.  That was his big souvenir."  -- Darryl Stolper, p.138

just watched . . .

an episode of The Lawrence Welk Show (the last time I saw it, it was  broadcast live . . . woah).  I didn't realize what I've been missing.  The colors, the comic book set designs, the outfits, the hetero - gayness, the from-another-freaking-galaxy-surrealness, the surf connection!: opening the doors of perception to enter this rabbit hole is the most intense one-hour acid trip imaginable.