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road trip

September 24 -- October 8. 
15 days.  Eleven of them with Pamella.
1,757 miles driven.
1,600 miles flown.
Three ferries ridden.
Overnighted here: Washington, D.C., New York City, Montauk, Atlanta, Tom's River, Virginia Beach, Buxton (Cape Hatteras).   
Flew from NYC to Atlanta. 
Traversed the Holland Tunnel and the Williamsburg and Verrazano-Narrows Bridges in NYC.
Got fitted for a wet suit -- in Brooklyn!
Items lost on trip:  day timer, down vest, lightweight wet suit jersey.  
Items found/recovered on trip: day timer, down vest. 
I get to buy!: a new wet suit jersey.
Best 20-mile stretch for town/landmark names: Assawoman Bay, Onancock, Parramore Island, Temperanceville and, finally, Modest Town.  Virginia is for (conflicted) lovers.
"Check engine" light comes on in Brooklyn.  Nice.
Saw 12 surf films.
Spent over $100 on tolls.
Only places surfed: Montauk and Rodanthe -- both knee-to-waist.
Remembered how much I hate Jersey "jughandle" turn-offs.  And I mean hate.
Visited the exact address where my father lived when he worked summer jobs in Seaside Heights, NJ.
Watched a thermonuclear sunset on the Outer Banks.
Witnessed virtual negative wave action in Seaside Heights: like a lake, a concave pancake, Kansas . . .
Made it back to WB alive, and without a criminal record.
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